As I push forward with my hands on Vista usage series of posts, I write today with frustrations over application incompatibilities.


PCA12 on Vista - Not so much!

I’m doing a routine build of productivity tools on my notebook and was floored to find that PCAnywhere 12 is not compatible with Vista. And not only PCA, but just about every Symantec application as well! Check this link for a full list of unsupported apps from Symantec.

CyberMedia News is reporting that PCAnywhere for Vista will not ship till May or June of 2007, a good six months after Vista’s corporate unveiling.

Couple that with Symantec’s own list of unsupported apps, and obviously someone is asleep at the switch up there in Cupertino. Symantec, let’s focus a little less on mergers and /begin sarcasmbold new ventures like “Security 2.0”/end sarcasm, and just work on basic app compatibility!