Tux bar

In a shocking move to diversify his limited Linux branding, Tux has been spotted at several South American cantinas enjoying spiked Horchatas and Tequila shots. This Degen.Net, exclusive was submitted by our roving technology aficionado referred to only as Agent Vic, and was captured while vacationing this summer below the Equator.

As revealed in the picture above, Tux is no longer content to serve merely as the symbol of the world wide open source movement; the very embodiment of Linus Torvalis’ Linux project. When questioned, the establishment’s proprietor was sketchy on the details surrounding the Petulant Penguin’s cross promotion plans, but did confirm that Tux was one heck of a party animal, and quite the ladies man as well.

“At first I wanted him out of my establishment; as he was distracting patrons and he didn’t seam particularly interested in ordering anything from the bar.” Hector Flores, owner of the Lucky Hombre, told Agent Vic in an interview earlier this month. “I approached Tux and asked him if he might not be more comfortable at the Internet Café across the street, that’s when things got a little intense.”

Hector continued, “We all thought this geeky little guy would just slink away, but let me tell you after he shattered a Jose Cuervo bottle over the bar and threatened to ‘cut’ anyone not using the 2.6 kernel, we realized this was no ordinary penguin!”

Mr. Flores shared that both he and the rest of the cantina staff developed a new sense of respect for Tux as he proceeded to drink all comers under the table. “We don’t really no nothing about Open Source stuff that Tux is into, but he makes a great mascot for our bar!”

So be on the lookout for other venues of expansion for Tux – heck what’s next a world wide deal with Budweiser?