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Foxmarks – A Must Have!

Posted on May 22nd, 2007 in Apple, Internet & Networking, Linux/Unix, Windows | 1 Comment »

Once in a while a widget/app/gizmo comes along that is so dang useful and cool that I simply must share. Foxmarks for Mozilla Firefox is one such plug-in.

Foxmarks is a nifty little cross-platform extension that will both backup and synchronize your firefox bookmarks. This is ideal if you work on multiple machines, and even across multiple Oses

If you are a Firefox users and have multiple systems, simply put you need this Extension – Enjoy.

Is Wireless always better?

Posted on January 17th, 2007 in Internet & Networking | No Comments »

So after years of procrastinating, I got off my rear and set out to hardwire my home network. When I had the house built a few years ago, I specified that Cat 5 needed to be run from my office to all rooms,  the difficult part of a desecrate wired network installation, but leaving the finish work of terminating it all to me.

Since I had a functional Wi-Fi network that I moved from the last residence, I did not set aside the time to wire each room. Till this past weekend.

With complaints from the wife (on wireless) about slow photo editing performance and the hope of soon integrating an Xbox 360 as a media extender for Windows Vista, I tackled those two rooms first, Lynnette’s office and the Media Room.

A trip to Fry’s and a couple hours later – we were enjoying the goodness of switched Gigabit to areas that previously struggled do to distance from the Access Point.

All this to say, if you have the opportunity to run a connected LAN at your home, take the time to deploy it. Yes Wi-Fi is easy and inexpensive, but with video and other high bandwidth apps edging closer to main-stream wireless just can’t compete with a solid physical connection.