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CES C’est la vie!

Posted on January 11th, 2007 in News & Updates | 1 Comment »

WOW! CES is the bomb, there is Vegas going full steam for the approx. 150k visitors who will pass through this desert Oasis of flash, cash and trash this week. CES is over the top, more useful stuff than you can shake the “practical ” stick at and more Mr. Gadget…gadgets, than any sane person could possible use. What does that mean for you and me??? It means that the many new products that “DO”: make t to market will keep our lives (if I get one) very interesting this year.
Soon I plan to bring you a sample of the goodies known as ‘shwag’ to insiders and attendees at the event. It’s like a Hollywood awards show goodie bag, with kitsch instead of ostentation. After all, CES attendee’s already have multifunction PDA/Cellphones with bluetooth, GPS, push-to-talk, POP3, IMAP, G-3, EDGE, bar finders and all that other stuff. We just want toys to remember the trip by. BTW, any suggestions where i can mount a 108″ Plasma TV???


Shwag Master Stan

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Shwag Master Stan

There he is before we entered the show floor, amped up on caffeine and ready to haul away all the phat loot CES has to offer – We look forward to a full report soon Stan! 

Sorry, No Thanks Bill

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So after Bill’s Keynote last night, he offered to take Stan and I out to dinner at the Mirage, we thanked him but told him no, we were going to hit the town with this MSN/Live Butterfly we picked up at the show.

More great coverage to come today…

Viva Las CES!

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Evening in Vegas

Degen.Net’s coverage of the 40th annual Consumer Electronics Show from Las Vegas will begin this afternoon.  I’ll be joined this year by my fellow stalwart IT professional Stan Williams, together we will bring you observations and analysis from the biggest CES yet.
So look out Vegas here we come, and in the words of the “king” – you better get them stakes up higher!

The New Degen.Net

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Well, here it is – After much delay, the new WordPress powered Degen.Net is coming online.

Bear with me as this PHP/MySQL/AJAX stuff has been kicking my butt! 

Lot of good stuff will be coming soon as I prep for CES next week.  I’ll be blogging the happening from Las Vegas starting this weekend, so check back soon.