WOW! CES is the bomb, there is Vegas going full steam for the approx. 150k visitors who will pass through this desert Oasis of flash, cash and trash this week. CES is over the top, more useful stuff than you can shake the “practical ” stick at and more Mr. Gadget…gadgets, than any sane person could possible use. What does that mean for you and me??? It means that the many new products that “DO”: make t to market will keep our lives (if I get one) very interesting this year.
Soon I plan to bring you a sample of the goodies known as ‘shwag’ to insiders and attendees at the event. It’s like a Hollywood awards show goodie bag, with kitsch instead of ostentation. After all, CES attendee’s already have multifunction PDA/Cellphones with bluetooth, GPS, push-to-talk, POP3, IMAP, G-3, EDGE, bar finders and all that other stuff. We just want toys to remember the trip by. BTW, any suggestions where i can mount a 108″ Plasma TV???