OKay, I will be the first to admit that I turn my nose up at celebs who get those gift bags full of shwag worth thousands. I mean they can afford that elaborate stuff they are given, “Oh Paris, look, we got you a MotoRazor”, as if. Anyway I appreciate shwag of the kitchi kind found at trade shows and training presentations. If you ever get to a CES, grab a bag (they provide the shwag bags) and dive in . Almost every booth and vendor display desk has somthing to get you over for a business card exchange. You leave a card (so they can call you) and you take a pen, portable eyeball, Taiwanese doll, whatever.

I did partake in the shwag fest at CES as did Mr. Degen, “shwagger” extrodinare. My goal, CES must keep me in ink pens until….the next…CES. Here is a look at some of the goodies.