After my rocky start with the Vista deployment (See my two stories: Vista – The Fresh Install & Vista – The Upgrade: Not so much) I am now moving on to my most ambitious Vista tweaking yet “insert dramatic music here”… Vista as a Media Center.

Artec T14A

To that end I have picked up the Artec T14A USB2 ATSC receiver. Thus far it’s been a trying install but that has been due to tracking down the right Vista Drivers. After talking with the right folks in support I now have the critical driver – Level (linked here if you need it.)  Once this was installed my TV tuner came to life.

Artec T14A Antenna

Not only does the Artec T14A feature a small Dongle for the actual USB device; it’s also features a compact / travel friendly Antenna. Despite its size and flexible construction performance of this antenna seamed very good on the CES trade show floor.

Next up is the bevy of test on the product, but stay tuned, this could just prove to be the long awaited media center to put an end to the loving caresses I reserve only for my Tivo, oh and my family too I suppose.