The Smart Shopper

With a catchy title like that I could easily be describing any of us. Our days are packed with too much to remember that when we finally make it to the store or out to run errands, the mind goes blank. That’s were the Smart Shopper comes in handy.

I saw this gadget at this year’s CES, and have to admit, where many similar devices have tried (and failed) in the past, the Smart Shopper might just have what it takes to succeed. First off, the Smart Shopper is voice activated – just build your grocery or to-do list with audible commands, rather than an awkward text or button interface. What’s more there is no training like so many ill fated voice based systems, it just works. The designers claim a vocabulary of over 2500 items/words. When I worked with the demo model at the show it did in fact recognize my commands and added them to the list.

Next, it’s tech, but not too much. This is a device targeted for the kitchen / home, not an IT department, therefore it does not boast a whole bunch of jargon and buzzword features – Bluetooth interoperability, no; 802.11 connectivity, nope, micro SD compatibility, not a chance, but it does sport a really nice magnet allowing you to affix it the fridge or any other metal surface.  In fact by comparison to most devices at CES, the Smart Shopper was kind of bulky, and down right un-sexy. But that is great! No tons of flashing LEDs to further distract you, remember why you needed this list manager in the first place – Oh, yea to get organized and simplify my life.

The Smart Shopper is available now online at for a reasonable $149, another big plus – a reasonable price-point.

So if you are looking for some Bling, go invest in a new cell phone or one of those unduly complicated new universal remotes, but if you want a helpful gadget for the kitchen look no farther then the Smart Shopper.