Every once in a while Companies insist on reinventing ideas that – where bad back then, and are still bad today. An example of this might seen in current fashion trends, take bell bottoms, bad in the 70’s, still bad today. But fashion designers just cant resist the easy draw of “re-inventing” the same tired old packaging and re-branding it as new, innovative and trendy. And there is always another generation of mindless lemmings who are too narcissistic to acknowledge that they might not actually be the first ones on the planet to every have tried this before, who eat it all up.

Now as if this phenomenon is not dreadful enough with regard to the fashion industry, it is now invading mainstream internet content providers – Today’s case in point Yahoo. The other day I was browsing the web and saw this new section of yahoo “OMG.” Thinking that this could not possibly be as tacky as it turned out to be, I followed the link. OMG is right, why don’t we just call it what it is: Yahoo:OMG – The Trash Tabloid Online.

If you have missed this spectacle of wrongness, you have not missed much – its just pitiful to see this kind of format, copied from print, being adapted to a mainline web site like yahoo!